The Mauvettes have had two sessions of presenting words with three different meanings each. Mauvette R. kept vigorously the score of our guesses of the correct explanation. In the first session we each offered three words, the second time we kept it to two words because we desperately wanted to play a boardgame too.

In preparation, I browsed in a few reference books: Book of New Zealand words (Dianne Bardsley) and Word to the wise (Mark Broatch). Reading about typical New Zealand words, how they came to be and how they are used and about words that may look like words we know but have a totally different meaning gave me much pleasure.

For the second round I took extra advice from Dr Google. When Mauvette Y. announced her first word, I had to concede I had chosen the same one. She assumed correctly we had googled the same website. Mmm…

If it is a rainy day, like it is here today, or you are in need of some light brain work, take the quiz and guess the true meaning of my words.

BURGOO (NZ word)

  1. a refreshing drink made of oatmeal by outdoor workers
  2. an unusual combination of mince and fruit
  3. a dilapidated vehicle due to weather exposure


  1. ability to portray oneself as attractive, but of little value, fake
  2. tendency to be untruthful
  3. false sense of overinflated ego – opposite of humility

HOBNAIL (v.) (NZ word)

  1. to screw in with force
  2. to walk around
  3. to trip over something


  1. adequate, acceptable
  2. bold, brash
  3. crisp, clear

(Did you notice my clever abc explanations?)


  1. someone who is obsessed with cuddles
  2. someone who fossicks in rubbish bins or around op-shops
  3. someone who handles infected feet of sheep

Wasn’t that fun? Any words you’d like to challenge me and my readers about? I can’t wait to see your reply!

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